Working out the tension

Physiotherapy for arthritic pain: Is it an effective treatment?

Arthritis is a common condition that affects millions of Australians every year. It occurs when the cartilage that surrounds your bones becomes worn out, causing the bones of your joints to rub together. This friction is what results in inflammation, pain and discomfort.  In addition, arthritis can limit daily functions when it affects critical joints around the body- such as your knees, spine and elbows. Causes of arthritic pain Arthritis can be triggered by many different factors/conditions. Read More 

Supplementing Women’s Health

Offering individualised training and health programmes to women is become an ever more popular aspect of the fitness industry. More frequently gyms will have women- and men-only training times, and various supplementary health services such as women's health physio that cater for specific genders. This is not a discriminatory practice, but one that caters for those who feel less comfortable in mixed gender environments, and also for those looking for services that cater specifically for the muscular physiology of women, which differs from men. Read More 

The Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

Massage therapy is a recognised form of injury rehabilitation, as well as providing other benefits that can help you lead a more active, healthy life. If you have never had a therapeutic massage, but are trying to reduce the level of stress and anxiety in your life, here are some of the benefits you can achieve. Relaxation -- Unlike deep-tissue massage, which is a more aggressive massage method, therapeutic massage utilises light strokes and slow kneading to help reduce the production of cortisol in your body. Read More 

3 Ways To Ease Back Pain In Pregnancy

The hormonal and physical changes your body experiences during pregnancy can leave you with back pain and tight muscles. Your growing uterus and baby can cause you to lean backwards to compensate for the change in your centre of gravity, but this puts strain on your back and can cause your spine to shift out of alignment. There are very few painkillers considered safe in pregnancy and they only mask the pain anyway. Read More 

How To Manage Whiplash Injuries

When the neck is thrown backwards and forwards, this is known as whiplash, and it is most commonly associated with car accidents, but it can also occur from sudden falls, and sharp movements on fairground rides. The neck is a very complicated area of the human body with vertebrae from the spine that are surrounded by muscles, joints, tissue, and nerves. When a concentrated force is placed upon this area, all of these elements are put under stress and pain can occur. Read More 

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Working out the tension

It's amazing how much difference a massage can make to your feelings about the world. Before I go into a massage, I'm at war with everyone, fighting for car parks and places in the queue. Afterwards, I start to see everybody's point of view - I smile more and they smile back at me. When I'm relaxed, I have a sense of contentment that rubs off on everyone I deal with. I think everyone should get regular massages; the world might start to be a kinder and gentler place. If you love a great back rub, then keep reading!